5DFly Support Information

5DFLy support team appreciates a lot for your using our software and would make our best efforts to meet your satisfaction totally.

If you have any support request, please send email in English to 5DFly Support Team: support@5dfly.com . All support request email will be replied within 24 hours.

Q: How to report bugs?
Please email the bugs or suggestions to support@5dfly.com. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Q: For version 2 user, if it cannot run on your PC due to compatible issue with your .Net framework environment, How to resolve it?
For version 2 user, if it shows the message like "...stop working.."" & cannot run on your PC due to compatible issue with your .Net framework environment,
please click here to download the patch file (0.6M) and copy it to the installation directory (like c:\programe files\5dfly\5DFly Photo Design or fly free photo editing).
Or, you may download the latest version via http://www.5dfly.com/photo-design-software-download.htm and upgrade it.

Q: How to buy?
Please click here and choose the products you want to purchase.

Q: What happens after I place an order?
You will receive the registration code information from RegNow.com shortly after successfully placing an order.
If you cannot get it within 2 hours, or you have lost the registration email, please contact us at support@5dfly.com.

Q: If I purchase your software, can I upgrade it for free in future?
You have unlimited access to upgrade 5DFly Photo Design software lifetime. After installing the latest version, your license code is still valid for the update.

Q: How to register my software?
You will receive registration code via Email shortly after you successfully place an order. Please enter the license code in the corresponding box to finish the registration.
Note: since the license code is letter-sensitive, please COPY and PASTE the code and don't add any blank character before or after it.

Q: I lost my license code, can you send it to me again?
Sure. You may send email, which contains one of the following information, to support@5dfly.com, to get the registration code back. Order No or the name & email relevant to the purchasing.

Q: Do I need to re-register after I re-install the software?
You don't need to re-enter your registration info unless you change the PC or reinstall the entire operate system on the PC.

Q: What should I do If I want to move the software I purchased to the new computer?
After you purchase 5DFly Photo software, you are authorized to install it on one desktop and one laptop, which all must belongs to you. For other PCs, you need to first please uninstall the software from your old computer.

Q: How long does it take to get your support response?
Our support team will responed to your support request within 24 hours. In most cases you'll get our response in a few hours or immediately.