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View and edit graphic files with XnView

I've tested many of the format, I have no reason to complain. Image quality, high-tempo most of the commercial projects. Even in the relatively slow machine, XnView fast, which is especially useful when you deal with large files. In reading and writing speed depends on the size of the file, but it seems to be CPU-batch re-naming, such as intensive operation or converted to speed optimization.

XnView runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X's BSD, Solaris, and more different flavors. Windows version provides the most functionality, but versions for other platforms is currently missing some of the features, including some file formats do not exist non-Windows platforms. XnView is free for personal and non-commercial purposes, but it is not open source. You can use the free GFL-related image processing SDK library, but you need a special agreement, and if you want to use the product for commercial purposes.

In addition to an unlimited number of image editing options, it also provides the creation and strengthening of the Web an ideal tool for graphic optimization. If you are looking for high quality image processing software and ease of use, this is your graphics program.

Network optimization to save bandwidth and time

For network optimization, so that you reduce the size of the image file in order to optimize your site will load faster, while retaining its professional appearance. You can also try to optimize the screen real-time display different optimization schemes to see which one best fits your criteria. You can also save your best choice for the script file, for use in other images.

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