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Top 100 Downloads: Graphics/Design

  Program Name Downloads
 1. PaintStar v2.70
PaintStar is a versatile digital image processing software.
 2. IrfanView 4.25
A fast free image viewer/converter for Windows.
 3. Image Forge v3.38
Freeware image editing, paint, animation, more.
 4. XnView 1.96.2
Xnview is an easy to use graphics viewer/converter.
 5. Diagram Designer 1.21
Vector graphics editor for creating flowchart and diagrams.
 6. K-3D Dev
K-3D is a free 3d modeling, animation, and rendering system.
 7. Image Analyzer 1.30
Advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis software.
 8. Free OCR 2.6
Free OCR is a scan and Optical Character Recognition program.
 9. Photobie 6.0
Image editor with advanced screen capture and photo frame editing features.
 10. Paint.NET 3.36
Image and photo manipulation software.
 11. Pivot Stickfigure Animator 2.2.5
Create stick-figure animations quickly and simply.
 12. Zoner Draw 3
Ideal graphics program for a broad range of applications.
 13. 3D Canvas v7.1.1.2
A real-time, 3D-modeling and -animation tool that incorporates a drag-and-drop approach.
 14. Picasa 3.1 Build 71.43
Automatically finds and organizes all of your pictures.
 15. OpenFX 1.5
Open-Source 3D modeling, animation, and rendering suite.
 16. Sqirlz Water Reflections 2.6
Add pools of water to an image or video and animate the rippling reflections.
 17. FastStone Image Viewer 3.9
Manage, view, convert, and edit your images.
 18. Movies 13
Scriptable GIF animator with 100 wizards.
 19. Friskfonter 1.0
Compilation of 12 Germanic Runic fonts and a Gothic font.
 20. Photoscape 3.3
Fun and easy image editing software with a number of useful features.
 21. FreeKapture 2.0
Free TWAIN Image capture scanner software.
 22. The GIMP 2.6.6
Retouch photos, compose and author images.
 23. PhotoFiltre 6.3.2
A complete image retouching program.
 24. Project Dogwaffle 1.2
PC Software for people who like to draw, sketch, animate and paint.
 25. Blender for Windows 2.49a
An extremely fast and versatile design instrument.
 26. FastStone Photo Resizer 2.8
An image converter / resizer with a host of useful features.
 27. Pencil v0.4.2b
Create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics.
 28. Tux Paint 0.9.21
A drawing program for young children.
 29. Serif DrawPlus 4
User-friendly drawing program that opens up a whole new creative world.
 30. Serif PhotoPlus 6.0
Fun photo editing software that brings professional image editing to everyone.
 31. Inkscape 0.46
Open source SVG editor with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, Visio, etc.
 32. Anim8or 0.95c
Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation program.
 33. VSO Image Resizer
Resizes images and converts them between different formats.
 34. FotoSketcher 1.85
Convert your digital photos into a sketch or a drawing.
 35. Mark It Now 1.1
A simple and useful watermarking software.
 36. Visualizer Photo Resize 6.1
A powerful Batch Resizer for resizing/converting multiple digital images.
 37. imageN v1.4b
imageN makes it easy to acquire, view, edit, organize and publish digital images.
 38. Tapptoons Linetester 2007
2D Animation Software.
 39. Capture Master 1.0
A simple but powerful screen capture device.
 40. CalibrationAider (For Windows)
CalibrationAider helps users realize the full potential of their computer display device.
 41. Posteriza
Application for designing all kinds of posters. Easy to use; download and run.
 42. CadStd Lite 3.7.1
General purpose, easy to learn CAD/drafting program.
 43. Paleofonts V.2
True Type Fonts compilation representing ancient scripts.
 44. Apicviewer v5.5.9
Automatically search, download, display and email your favorites pictures, videos, movies and sounds.
 45. Truespace 7.6
A fully-featured 3D authoring package that will let you model, texture, light, animate and render 3D content.
 46. PIXresizer 2.0.4
PIXresizer is a resize tool for pictures.
 47. HP Photosmart Essential 3.5
Free photo editing, organizing, printing and sharing software.
 48. MDI Viewer 1.0.1
MDI Viewer is a Microsoft Document Imaging Format (MDI) viewer.
 49. Skeleton v1.1
Design a skeleton, apply images to it, and watch all the images move and rotate.
 50. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 1.72
A professional, yet free icon/cursor/animation editor. Also for editing icon libraries and resource files.
 51. Gimpshop 2.2.8 Fix 1
A free Open Source image editor that is similar to Adobe Photoshop.
 52. IcoFX 1.6.4
IcoFX is a freeware icon editor.
 53. IrfanView PlugIns 4.25
This package contains all the plugins that IrfanView currently has.
 54. CamStudio v2.5 Beta
Records screen activity from your Windows Desktop into standard AVI movie files.
 55. WildBit Viewer 5.5 - Beta 4.0
Viewer, Slide Show, Editor and more.
 56. AutoCAD Version Explorer v1.9
View AutoCAD previews and version info in an Explorer-like interface.
 57. Google SketchUp 7.0
An easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D.
 58. Poster Forge 1.02.04
Easily create motivation, movie, or old west 'wanted' posters.
 59. Fresh View 7.74
Multimedia viewer and organizer.
 60. Picture Shark v1.0
Watermark and copyright picture galleries with logos.
 61. Visualizer Image Browser v2.5
Visualizer IB is a powerful Award-Winning freeware image browser.
 62. Alibre Design Xpress 11
3D solid modeler for creating mechanical parts, assemblies and 2D drawings.
 63. Serif 3Dplus 2.0
Create 3D models, edit color, create and animate almost anything.
 64. GIMP Portable 2.6.6
GIMP image editor packaged as a portable application. Edit your images on the go.
 65. 36-Image Converter
A tool that can convert various images into 36 other types.
 66. DesignBots 1.0
A 3D design environment for robotics, game development, or basic CAD.
 67. Screenshot Captor 2.57.01
Designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with minimal intervention.
 68. AutoQ3D Community 1.39
Complete 3D modeling application for computing aided drafting in three dimensions.
 69. WinViewer 5.4 Full
A fast full-screen image viewer and converter.
 70. TopOCR 3.0
Free OCR for Digital Cameras and Smartphones.
 71. VectorEngineer Quick-Tools v1.0
Simple but very effective CAD drawing program, not confusing at all.
 72. Giftedmotion 1.15
An easy to use GIF Animator.
 73. GifSplitter v2.0
GifSplitter can break GIF animation down into individual image frames.
 74. Snow Flash Effect 1.0
Free Flash effect for snow, rain and bubbles.
 75. PicPick Tools 2.0.2
All-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home users.
 76. 2 Pic 12.3.0
A graphical program that you can use to edit your images.
 77. FaceMorpher Lite v2.5
Morph your friend into a celebrity! Have fun.
 78. Gadwin PrintScreen 4.4
Use Gadwin PrintScreen to save time and enhance your screen shots.
 79. Opcion Font Viewer v1.1.0
Opcion Font Viewer allows you to view TrueType fonts one or many at a time.
 80. CaptureScreen 1.6.3432
Screen capture program, very easy to use.
 81. The Rasterbator 1.21
Creates rasterized versions of images which can be printed and assembled into enormous (or small) posters.
 82. DirectX SDK November 2008
Contains the DirectX Runtime and all DirectX software required to create DirectX compliant applications.
 83. Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2
Freely explore the basic features of Photoshop Album.
 84. AvancePaint 5.0
A complete paint program designed with an intuitive user interface.
 85. P3dO Explorer 2.2
Image viewer and file manager supporting all popular images files formats.
 86. Image to ASCII Converter 1.0
Convert images to ASCII text.
 87. Popims Animator 2.10
Animation software for creating morphs, warps and other effects.
 88. FontPage 3.0.2
FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system.
 89. NVIDIA Gelato 2.2 Release 1
A hardware-accelerated, non-real-time renderer, Gelato allows you to use your NVIDIA GPU to create stunning images fast.
 90. WPClipart 7.1
23,000+ public domain images with viewer/editor.
 91. PosteRazor 1.5.2
Cut a raster image into pieces, print it out and assemble it into a poster.
 92. PhotoRazor 2.5
Make small high quality copies of your photos for emailing to friends, family.
 93. Futurix Imager 5.9.3
A small, fast and free image viewer for Windows.
 94. Fotografix 1.2
A portable image editor that can be used for image enhancement and graphic design.
 95. World Creator v1.5 Freeware
World Creator: Create your Artwork for Games quickly and easily.
 96. The Font Thing v0.80b2
Easily manage and view fonts.
 97. Art of Illusion 2.7
A free, open source 3D modeling and rendering studio.
 98. 17 Handwriting Fonts
17 True-Type handwriting fonts.
 99. iResize v2.0
Instantly resize and save images into different formats.
 100. Visual Terrain Maker 1.4
This program allows to visually create 3D landscapes for game development.

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