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StudioLine Photo Basic

Company Published: HM-Software
License: Beta
Software rating: classification standards
Green Certification: Certification through the non-plug-ins
Operating System: WindowsAll
Software language: English
Software Size: 58,884 KB
Updated :2009-07-12
Downloads: cumulative / 10,067 weeks / 11
Keyword Item: Photo Photo

StudioLine Photo is a very powerful photo management software. StudioLine Photo of the user interface and some flavor of Mac OS, and storage of photos is more particularly, the user should not consider the photos of the location on your hard drive, only according to their own preferences in the program folder to add photos are automatically classified into different categories. Followed it to the search function is also very detailed, from the same keyword set in accordance with the logic of the relationship between photographs to search for. StudioLine Photo is rich in image editing tool, a total of 25 kinds of conditioning and special effects, photo restoration of great help. In the production of the album, the user can be adding to the whole album title and the text in detail, and each photo will automatically connect to a page, you can browse photos more closely. Made after the album, users can upload to your site, to share with others.

Note: must be within 30 days for a free activation code.
Need to be online to install this download.

Program features:

- Photos "drag" to load

- Photo storage management

- Photo editing

- Photo burning

- Slide Show

- Can be posted to the web on

- Support for photo printing, mailing.

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StudioLine Photo Basic

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