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SmoothDraw 3.1.4

Painter has a similar SmoothDraw painting and the quality of the natural painting software, with many adjustable brushes, paper, materials simulation, multiple lines of smooth anti-aliasing, transparent multi-layer processing and the ability to support the pressure sense of the drawing pen, and image adjustments and special effects, etc. easy-to-use, immediate start. In addition to the support of brush pens, pencils, chalk crayons, spray gun, brush, image nozzle, etc., there are photographs of light and shade adjustment pens, fuzzy pens, pen sharpening, as well as players Painter must color smooth water fuzzy pen. Adjust the image contains all the functions of commonly used brightness, contrast, hue, etc., there are enough special effects can be applied. Supports a variety of graphics board (tablet, Tablet, ...)

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