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How to Turn Slides into Digital Images

Slides used to be the photographic standard for creating crisp, bright images. Now, digital photography is the method professional and amateur photographers rely on. The challenge is turning the boxes full of slides that captured family vacations, celebrations and breathtaking scenery into a digital format.

Luckily, converting old slides into digital images is relatively easy by using either a film scanner or digital camera.

Film scanners allow slides to be scanned at various resolution levels. If the digital image produced from a slide will ever be printed as an 8 x 10 or larger, the resolution recommended for scanning the slide is greater than 3000 dpi. If the digital image will be used primarily for e-mail, videos and smaller prints, 2000 dpi should be enough resolution to achieve satisfactory results.

A word of caution, the larger the resolution selected, the larger the digital file and the longer it takes to scan the slide. A magazine of 36 slides scanned at over 3000 dpi can take close to an hour to scan.

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