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Skill of photo editing

Camera is like a hobby. Now with powerful home computers and off-the-shelf software, you can put photos into the traditional side with a reference, the number of albums of music scene, so that your story to life. Digital photo album will no longer be a series of independent photographs of pictures, but allows everyone a fun interactive multimedia story.
You do not need to master the skills of a professional cameraman, you need all the appropriate tools is a powerful and some basic skills.
Basic equipment: with a powerful CPU, large-capacity hard drives and ample memory, advanced computers, digital home studio infrastructure. If you want to maximize picture and video multimedia capabilities, the highest picture and video processing capability, should consider buying a used with Hyper-Threading (HT) technology, Intel Pentium 43.2GHz computer. This computer can run at the same time the two high-performance applications such as CD burning can also edit the photo map. A powerful multi-purpose computer also allows the user to the installation of a wide range of creative talent will help to play the software and accessories equipment. So as to create more excellent works.
Step one: choose to use the photo, and finishing. In addition, the collection of other materials, including the intention to insert the music of the picture.
Step two: the production of family records, for the photos to provide the voice of the comments and add notes. This will increase the depth of the album, to increase their rich colors.
Step Three: If there are photos of the original hard copy, you can use a scanner to scan.
Edit skills:
--- Change the color photos or digital cameras around the light sometimes caused files darken color photos. You can use photo editing tools for color balance procedure, the mobile sliding block to the limits of color, find the right color, and adjust accordingly.
--- JPEG format to save photos in JPEG format using 1 --- 100 of the compression ratio of the value of usually 1-100, to recommend the use of compressed glass 25-95. 25 the following easy to reduce the image quality values, values of more than 95 documents would become extremely large, and the quality has not improved markedly.

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