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Numbers in April: Twitter and Facebook Shine, MySpace Stagnates

Facebook's growth, in terms of number of users, as well as tourists, so to slow down one day. Well, it is now slowing, but it is still huge, how much Facebook has been yes. In April showed the number Compete, Facebook has grown from 91 million to 104 million unique visitors, a healthy 14.35% increase compared with March.

What's the secret, you ask? Facebook connections. FacebookFacebookFacebook track internal Facebook's blog has noted, the actual Facebook site visits increased by only 4.6% - 1 Quantity impressive, but far less than last month's 11% growth rate. Facebook connections, on the other hand, has increased an astonishing 40.9% increase to 60 million visitors. Because it affects a growing number of Web site implementation, it will be possible to maintain economic growth in Facebook's overall growth of the main site will definitely slow down.

Facebook, the site was originally a college student, so that the company has not this function, at that stage. Since then, however, married and / or commitment to his wife also joined the service of millions of dollars, so this is a simple and natural extension of the social graph. Congratulate the happy couple in their five year anniversary of fact, this only applies to Facebook consumption patterns, and even our internet more time.

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Numbers in April: Twitter and Facebook Shine, MySpace Stagnates

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