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Web designers photo toolbox: PicPick 1

PicPick is a screenshot from the Republic of Korea excellent software to support multiple languages (including simplified Chinese), completely free of charge. Software implementation of the Interception of full-screen, active window, controls, designated areas, such as hand-painted regional operation. Support for dual displays, built-in multi-output model.

Software name PicPick
Software version V1.8.1.0
Software size 1.22 M
Software Categories graphics images (Image Capture)
Simplified Chinese language software
Application Platform Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick

Do not think that can only capture PicPick, it built image editor, a screenshot can be a simple image editing. It provides a range of support tools, including: check color, and color palette, magnifier, screen ruler, polar coordinates and direct coordinates, whiteboard, etc., especially for the production of very helpful web site, is the all-around tool for web designers me.

First, the basic software Introduction

PicPick provides the green version of the download, after packing capacity is only 957K, you can use after decompression. When first run the program will automatically show the "About" dialog box, users can choose the language here, in Figure 1.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick
Figure 1 PicPick on the dialog box

Green version of the user may wish to check "Create desktop shortcut" option, since you can quickly call on the desktop procedure. PicPick is the main function of the desktop screenshot, and we usually use the shortcut to screenshot below and check it out first-come familiar with the shortcuts. Directly in the "About" dialog box click on the "shortcut" button to enter, in Figure 2.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick
Figure 2 PicPick settings shortcuts

PicPick screenshot default shortcut keys shown in the above chart, we need to know what the future will be very convenient to use. If you've used other screenshot software, for example, HyperSnap, it can also be built-left list, select the program, it will be able to operate in accordance with HyperSnap to use a PicPick.

Second, software, basic operation

After all the settings, PicPick automatically minimized in the system tray notification area, you can always click on the "color palette" icon to invoke the full functionality of the software, in Figure 3.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick
Figure 3 PicPick main menu

Screenshot of the method is very simple, you only need to select the corresponding menu item or shortcut key to call, then this is not in the repeat. Need to add that, the user can not be found in the software so-called "interception of the page" (ie crawling pages long) option, in PicPick, this function has been integrated into the "interception of control" function in the going.

When users need to crawl pages long, called "the interception of control" menu, select the mouse to click the page area (this time highlighted in red border), and then press the "Print Screen" key, the software will automatically scroll the page after the grasping map in Figure 4.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick
Figure 4 PicPick in the interception of the page

In the "interception of options" menu, you can set the default file format (support for BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF format). Image output means there are four options: PicPick editor, copy it to the clipboard, saved as image files, auto-save, we need to set up in accordance to figure 5.
All the web designers toolbox: PicPick
Figure 5 PicPick interception menu options

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