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Make photo editing as simple as eating fast food, convenience

Returned from holiday, in the face of a large number of photos, what methods can be processed faster and better? When you want to rush to the most classic photos of themselves and friends to share, which means cooler? What kind of personality to the full album? There are a lot of you are confusing the issue, let us to find one of the most simple and effective way to you. Today, we have prepared specifically for a set of nutrient-rich "digital photo processing fast-food" to ensure that you travel a few more new photos and more options.

Play One: pizza, good taste, not only has little to

After using Google's Picasa, and finally understand why called Picasa, and use it to create photos like a pizza, the good-looking delicious. When the tour returned is the most wasted no time and worked the Internet, "ALICE" to share their knowledge of tourism. But what the best method to share? Here we recommend you Google the Picasa2.7 (Download Address:

So the effect is as simple as a la carte

In the Chinese version Picasa2.7, so are the one-touch operation, such as photos of the red-eye defects modify, fill light, such as color, photos in Picasa will open, tray on the left we can see that the "basic amendment "," fine tuning "," effect "of three options, where we can set up their own needs. For example, click on the "fine tuning" tab cards, drag a variety of light and color adjustment slider, drag the photos to observe the process of change, to be achieved at the appropriate level to switch to the "effect" tab card, click on the "Soft Focus" Figure standard, in the subsequent "soft focus" effect adjustment box will be "the size of soft focus" around the scene made the right adjustment and slightly fuzzy variable Sophie, at the same time gently adjust "saturation images" so that your photos meet the requirements (Figure 1) .

Photo processing as simple as eating fast food


The operation of all as easy as ordering, processing is complete click on the software directly below the "Web Album" button and enter your Google account you can quickly upload photos to a network or network address of your QQ or MSN, through the distribution of to the users can easily share.

Recommended reason: for now is a lot of digital photos, Picasa software not only need a simple trick can solve the problem, but also quickly Web Albums photos and connect and network processing. The most prominent feature of its software and the network is to combine well, we are not in isolation in a software operation.

Personalized Play: GPS Global Positioning Tourism photos

Not only in Picasa can quickly share photos, since we can play some personality. For example, you often travel to if you want to paste their own travel photos on Google Earth in GPS, the latitude and longitude of the mountains and lakes, scenic spots, so that they will have personality!

Picasa This is very simple to operate, will need to position the photos uploaded to Web Albums, click the upper right corner of Picasa software's "Web Album" link to open the web album, photo album found in just upload photos, click photo to view the page the lower right corner of the "location photos" tab, click the "Add Location" link in the pop-up "display photos on the map" dialog box.

In this dialog box in the "Find Location" input box, enter your name near the city such as "beijing", and click "Search" button on the map to locate your city, through the zoom, the button can be moved around more precise positioning of photos of the filming location, precise location and click "Save Location" button to complete the positioning (Figure 2).

Photo processing as simple as eating fast food

Tip: If in a multi-shot photos of how fast the volume will be added to a given location it? You can add a photo of the location selected in this photo album, and then click the bottom right corner of the page " View album map "button, On the next page, click the" Edit Map "button, then you can by dragging the thumbnail picture to the right side of the left side of the map method to quickly batch add locations for the same number of photos , and at the same time click on the thumbnail pictures of the map you can enlarge it and view information such as its latitude and longitude.

Topsy Picasa tips:

1. Quick to photos of thin

Many people now have a blog, personal space, the most in the upload process is a headache the size of the issue of photographs, digital photos more than the volume in more than 2MB, and most of these blog album around 200KB only allows upload of photos, then we can Open Picasa2 to upload photos, click the bottom right corner of the software, the "Export" button in the dialog box that pops up click "OK" button, and then specify in your folder will be able to find pictures of a compressed, open view photos you will find that although a significant volume decrease but no significant change in picture quality.

2. Handset seamless interconnection Picasa album

Your 3G phone has what? 2.5G line also! As long as they can in the mobile phone can send an e-mail! Now as long as the phone-mail sent to specific e-mail contains a picture can quickly upload photos to a Picasa album, for in travel at any time but would like to travel with friends to share their knowledge of "ALICE" is particularly well suited. To get this particular e-mail, then you open your Picasa album page, and then click the upper right corner of the page "Settings" link, check "Allow me to upload photos via e-mail" item and enter the password that can be dedicated E-mail, as long as the adoption of future mobile phones to send messages to the mailbox can quickly upload photos to a Picasa.

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