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Google Picasa's functions and features include:

Basic substance of the amendments include the reduction of the picture, straighten, red-eye, as well as to contrast and color adjustments. Take a closer look will find that there actually is a button "I'm Feeling Lucky", ha ha, which turns out to be Google. In addition, there are up to fine-tune light, high light, shadow and color temperature, etc. as appropriate to your operation. Halo, This is a bit too professional, and how stressed it is the most perfect? See a small button not? In fact, the "I'm Feeling Lucky" that is, a white button-_-a fool, an amendment to help you color and brightness. Also contains 12 kinds of static images can be applied to "functional effects", which are sharpening, old color, black and white, warm, and film grain, shading, saturation, soft focus, light black and white filter, black-and-white color show and gradient colors, each effect will be the effect of after effects from the preview, there is no expertise can easily deal with the effects of cool. Beautify your photos, dizzy is not the same as you, to beautify your photos - is so simple!

1. To find and organize all your photos on your computer.
    2. As long as a few clicks, you can edit photos and add effects.
    3. By e-mail, print and network with others sharing your photos: it is fast, easy and free.
    4. Google will send you a 250 megabytes of storage space for your photos, Google Picasa you can bulk upload the software directly to your web album google it, than a general Web Albums Upload a convenient more?
    5. If you have your site, Google Picasa can help you put a photo directly to generate a web page, you can directly upload to your Web site, a photo channel on the well, with online friends to share your photo is not very convenient ah!
    6. ...

Google Picasa function still has a lot of playing time waiting for you to tap. Picture if you are not dealing with professionals, such as advertising design, website design, Google Picasa you can meet the vast majority of image processing requirements. I have a lot of friends in the office clerks, they generally require the owner to deal with a simple point that they can picture, for them, learning photoshop, fireworks too complicated, and there is no need to use Google Picasa, will be very simple, I recommend to them, This software has been praised them.

Google Picasa is now the most powerful Internet company google development, and is free of charge. What is also hesitant to download a Google Picasa to experience it!

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Picasa photo editing download

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