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ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom

The new software dedicated to non-destructive editing RAW, JPEG and TIFF image files. Procedures for caring for your design a professional user interface, a set of image enhancement tools and export options, whether it is professional users, or general photography enthusiasts will love it.

With DSLR cameras and RAW image format widely used for general users with an application of image processing software has become essential. This is the development thrust of ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom is located. This software not only has high-speed performance and comprehensive high-level image processing tools, as well as clean and clear user interface makes it easy for you to obtain the necessary image processing effects.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom currently supports a wide range of RAW image format commonly used in the future will be a free download through the network to provide the latest RAW support. Procedures to provide you with a variety of non-destructive image processing tools, such as white balance, exposure, noise removal, color and contrast adjustment, as well as the effect of a variety of colors (including black and white with old photographs). For photography loving users, this software also has a unique lens correction function, can help you resolve???, Vignette, barrel distortion, pincushion distortion and lens distortion and so on.

IPB Image

IPB Image

The main features include:
- Non-destructive image processing
- Support for RAW, JPEG and TIFF files
- High-speed performance and response
- Auto / Manual exposure adjustment
- Auto / manual white balance adjustment
- Lens Correction tools package
- Removal of noise
- Curves and Histogram
- Color adjustment
- High-quality image output
- Batch image processing and output
- Free download the latest RAW format support update
- Support for a wide range of commonly used color space

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Use Pentium III / AMD Athlon processor or equivalent chip PC (recommended Pentium IV / AMD Athlon or equivalent chip PC)
512 MB RAM (768 MB RAM recommended)
50 MB available hard disk space (1 GB hard disk recommended)
16-bit color 800 x 600 resolution color display (recommended 1024 x 768 or higher resolution display)

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