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1-More Photo Calendar -2

Second, design the layout desk calendar

Set up each photo, click on "Design" button, to design the layout of the calendar where the title can design calendar, desk calendar page to show the elements of the border calendar, calendar style, the effect of calendar pictures, etc. (Figure 3), at the same time the design will be in the right side of real-time preview window to see the design layout. Elements listed in the calendar box to show the contents of the layout and location, if you want to display an element, as long as the select its check box in front of you, at the same time can be selected through the list box button to adjust the right side of The elements in the layout position, font and so on.


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Figure 3

Third, the design of the calendar format

Next, we set the page displayed on the calendar format, click on the "time-ching and options" tab, where the beginning of the calendar for the month of adjustment in January, setting the end of the month of the year for selected items, and then set up based on the following week day or Monday as the first day of a week, according to Chinese custom, I chose to "Monday", fill in the bottom of page display text with the description (Figure 4).


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Figure 4

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1-More Photo Calendar -1

1-More Photo Calendar -2

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