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Easily edit photo online - 2

FotoFlexer most unique tool called the Geek on the tab. For example, Smart Resize (magic zoom) lets you change the image of the co-ordination: as long as the elements do not need to obliterate, for example, inadvertently appear in the photograph strangers, and then FotoFlexer will be removed, but retained the strangers around all.

FotoFlexer function taking into account the rich, but also claim that there is no storage capacity constraints, I regret to find that: Once the image to preserve the future will never change: you can not come back later, like Picnik and Splashup, the mobile layer to remove the effect, or a certain text editors.

By default, if put into high-resolution photographs, the service will reduce the resolution of these photos, but does not explicitly tell you to do it. You can select full resolution editing any photo, but it is correct to remind: this will slow down your processing speed. However, if you do not want to print photos or save them for future generations, the reduced resolution should not be a problem.


The effect of number of species: 34 species

Text: There are

Border: Yes

Layer: A

Full-screen mode: Yes

Print Support: No

To support the photo-sharing sites: Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Phanfare, Photobucket, Picasa, Smugmug and Yahoo.

Conclusion: The first-class interface includes a number of unique editing tools; full-resolution editing is optional, but some of the slow processing speed.

3.Photoshop Express

Advantages: a built-in image organization, and friendly interface as well as the revocation of operating without restriction.

Disadvantages: lack of text and the basic elements such as borders.

Although the door from the Adobe name, Photoshop Express is by no means can be found in the online photo closest to Photoshop editor. Although the rising star performed pretty well in some areas, but here the lack of all other editors have some basic elements.

Express is one of the major advantages of providing a full-featured image organization, and provides 2GB of storage space, not only can create stunning three-dimensional slides, but also the production of public and private photo book. Although it is not as good as Flickr and SmugMug and other photo-sharing site than perfect, but it is here in the best organizer.

Express's editing interface with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements can not be mentioned in the same breath, but are designed to be good: only a relatively complete Picnik interface. If you choose a tool for exposure, high light or sharpening, you can get thumbnails to show the effect of a different variant of the photos to have much change. It is true that the thumbnails are often too small to be able to clearly show changes, but click on the thumbnails will be displayed full-size preview. Moreover, the effect of the use of Express is also quite fast, even in dealing with high-resolution images as well.

The service features multi-level withdrawal is very interesting, you can try without having to worry about messing up his masterpiece. Thumbnails provide a visual record, showing all the changes you have done. You can click back to any point in time. This photo editor is equivalent to Apple's OS X 10.5 Leopard inside the Time Machine (Time Machine) backup utility.

But the Express has provided only very few results, where the majority of service providers to introduce dozens of effects. It can not add text to images, not to mention the use of borders to frame the photo set. There is no way to stack multiple photos. It gives the impression that Adobe seems likely that the design of the first-class photo editor, only half (At press time, Photoshop Express is still considered beta).



Photoshop Express

The effect of number of species: 6

Text: None

Border: None

Layer: none

Full-screen mode: Yes

Print Support: No

To support the photo-sharing sites: Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa.

Conclusion: The organizations, including photos, and do not restrict the operation of the revocation, as well as for the basic editing tools for well-designed, but lacks some standard features such as text inserted.


Advantages: Photoshop layers have similar tools and options.

Disadvantages: relatively small effect of the type; the speed and reliability problems; there is no online help.

If the "most likely to be mistaken for the online Photoshop image editor," the award, I am afraid that the non-Splashup (called before Fauxto) go. Pull-down menus, floating tool panel and the location of a number of features with Adobe's flagship product, this is exactly the same. However, this is not favorable factors inherent in what - after all, everyone knows that Photoshop's interface less intuitive. FotoFlexer and Picnik, I found it relatively simple to operate.

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