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Now, a new batch of Photo Editor will not only make use of the Internet, but also to place it in this: you can in a networked personal computer on any browser-based services. These online tools can be directly on the photo-sharing sites and social networks to edit images, so very easy to modify the images sent to the Internet, do not have to re-download; Editor can also be stored in personal computers to deal with the photo on the hard disk. Like most online services, browser-based editor of its low prices are usually low could not: Free. However, there are several areas need attention. There is no one to provide online image editor like Photoshop and Paint Shop for many years the rich features and precision editing tools; the majority can not even print photos. Some of them online editor slow, inconvenient to use, or both. Nor does it look like the traditional desktop software, the Internet itself can be used only when these services can be used.

I measure the 6-line graphic editor - FlauntR, FotoFlexer, Photoshop Express, Picnik, Picture2Life and Splashup. They all provide the basic editing functions, including crop, resize and color adjustment function, but also to provide at least the effect of several relatively bright (such as pop art style to the use of color, or packing the object into a cartoon.)

They all allow you to directly edit made to at least three major photo-sharing site on the image (see menu). In addition to Picnik, the they do not charge a fee - Picnik several advanced features left 25 U.S. dollars a year in fees and charges a premium version.

FotoFlexer and Picnik are outstanding, and the Picnik interface design class so that it has advantages. If you need the photo site (or no image editing software installed on desktop PC) on the rapid changes in photo, Picnik is a wise choice because it not only efficient, very interesting.


Advantages: first-class user interface to make use of layers and other advanced features it is easy.

Disadvantages: some of the features such as full-screen editor in the pay version only.

In fact, Picnik's free version is my first choice - even if it does not have 25 U.S. dollars a year with the senior version of some of the features.

The free version of the tool has a good performance is less than the same FotoFlexer, but here more than any other editor. It not only has many features, each feature is very good. For browsing, selection and use of dozens of special effects in particular the excellent control, they can immediately preview effects in real time the impact of the photos.

Picnik remember that you recently edited image; you will come back, it will automatically load the image; the service will be handled by tracking the recent five photos, so you can withdraw at any time prior to the change and even save it to Flickr or Photobucket external photo site can be revoked after.

Picnik is described here can only print a photo editor. Not only the most simple to use, but also provide maximum help: If you need to introduce the feature will pop up a brief description of the past.

I am writing this in the evaluation of the article, you can try this new feature Picnik Baskets preview version of its working methods FotoFlexer similar layers. Although the function of Picnik Baskets more powerful as Photoshop layers, but can image from the beautiful pop-up viewer drag, stack (can be stacked up to five) to the editor window; in the edit window, you can use different images for each effect , production photographs collage.

These images must come from a PC or another site: Unlike the other services here, Picnik can not store any photos. Fortunately, however, it supports the function of third-party photo sites I tried, like any other competitors seamless and comprehensive.

Picnik does not provide, and I am very fond of a function is full-screen editing mode. The service will display banner ads in order to reduce the size of the edit window (except Picture2Life things, here are the other for each service to allow full-screen editing.)

However, there is no advertising Premium; Other advantages include: additional fonts beautiful; can color the image as Photoshop and manually edit curves. Also abolished the high-level version of Picnik Basket documents stacked up to five images can only limit, you can return to the past to track any image edited to remove any changes. Of regular users to edit images, I think for the High version of the annual payment is worth 25 U.S. dollars; but even if you do not spend a penny, Picnik's service is also very pleasing.


The effect of number of species: 31 species

Text: There are

Border: Yes

Layer: A

Full-screen mode: No

Print support: Yes

To support the photo-sharing sites: Facebook, Flickr, Freewebs, MySpace, Photobucket, Picasa, Webshots and Yahoo.

Conclusion: The superior design of the interface and improve the photo editing made fun; some function left to charge 25 U.S. dollars a year the senior version.


Advantages: easy to use interface includes a number of high-end features.

Disadvantages: not optimized for high-resolution photos; once the preserve and the closure of the image, you can not edit layers or effects.

FotoFlexer claimed to be "the world's most advanced online image editor", it does have a stunning range of people, including our competitors do not dare even think of a number of features.

Although I still favor the ultimate better, more mature Picnik, but this ambitious service is not far behind.

FlauntR and Picture2Life with the same, FotoFlexer services of all kinds of image processing tools are not only common tools to reduce red-eye, there are strange flickering fonts. FotoFlexer excellent but these tools on a prominent position in this regard can be attributed to the paging interface is divided into a number of functional Effects (results), Decorate (decoration), Beautify (landscaping) and Distort (distortion) and other aspects.

The service features rich layers than other similar online applications more superior features than Splashup implementation of the same idea, more like a more intuitive functions of Photoshop. You can put multiple photos into a document, the random player photos, and then by layer to use special effects, it is hard to create textures such as photo images of a combination of a good way.

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