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A very interesting photo editing software - convert photo to oil paint

What's new in Gertrudis Pro 3.0

Wacom Support editing
Custom Background
3D Brushes
Full screen photo paint
Other enhancements: Better color accuracy and enhanced stroke rendering algorithm.

Gertrudis Pro
Gertrudis Pro is a software that transform images into handmade drawings. The brushstrokes of the drawings can simulate watercolor, oil painting, crayon, and other variety of styles. Also you can define your own styles.
As internally Gertrudis knows the path, color, width and style of each brushstroke, the drawing can be rendered at the desired resolution. So once concluded the drawing, you can generate the result to the resolution that you want, achieving fine details in each brushstroke. See examples

How to use it
When load an image into Gertrudis Pro it will show two editing panels: the left one will show the original image and the other will show the resulting image. At the beginning, the right panel will show a white image, as the drawing tools are applied, the resulting editing will be appearing in the right panel. To learn more about the source image and destination image see Source & Destination Image

Gertrudis Pro will allow to control the strokes appearance by several controls: width, length, precision, etc. To get more information about this settings see Style Settings Panel.

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A very interesting photo editing software - convert photo to oil paint

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