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Regular question about photo editing using Magic Photo tool

Below is some questions from the end user of magic photo tool.

Auto White Balance effect is not very clear?

Auto White Balance is to make the deal with all of the principle of color balance. If done so before the Auto White Balance Auto Exposure operation, will affect the color distribution of the photo data, auto white balance so that failure to perform its functions. Therefore, in order to do so before the Auto Exposure Auto White Balance.

Auto Exposure what better time to do so?

It can be said that the effect of any image processing (such as Photoshop), would give rise to distortion. In order to reduce this distortion, we are doing to deal with time effects, we have to be provided the raw data images. Therefore, the first effects processing, processing is complete, do auto exposure, frame and so on.
first zoom, after effects; or the first special effects, after scaling?

If you want to narrow the picture, if not particularly small reduction, it can do zoom, this effect will be much faster processing speed, and the effect of processing is almost unaffected by it.

Save time, camera model change is gray?

This is specifically for the SONY photographs designed. SONY photos because there is no model, it provides this feature.

What is CCD # ?? dead patch?

Some digital cameras have the CCD 12 is dead, it's all the photos taken in the dead center position is not the content. Dead patch function, according to death around the content, intelligent analysis and fill in dead spots of the image contents of the location.
CCD # ?? know how there are no dead spots?

Cover a wide lens cover and shoot photos, and then at an all-white photography and white photographs, these two photos, known as the dead point samples. If you have a dead CCD in black and white for the background of the photo will easily find. Need to pay attention to is: when shooting dead samples, ISO should be set to the minimum, shutter speed should be faster than one-half seconds, so that less noise will not affect the analysis of death.

"Automatic" where the action button settings?

In the menu "File" - "batch" of "pictures dealing with the" this page, after setting all the action, both on the bulk to deal with effectively. At the same time, the "automatic" button and effective.
Photo Open dialog box can not preview some photos?

If there is a thumbnail of the JPEG photos can be previewed. In addition, if the picture file size is less than 2M, is also able to preview. However, documents larger than 2M, to expedite the speed of the preview feature turned off.
Upgrade # ?? Why so slow?

Snails on the road when the road was run over by a turtle from behind, sending hospital. Snail after the police asked him clearly the situation at the time. Snail said: not to see the speed he was too fast. Snail after discharge to see the procedure I wrote,the. It says: He has written procedures for slower speed than I do!
My friends, please support me, not to urge me, and I had little time. . .

# Why Canada border, not by the ratio of the watermark?

Border patterns and pictures, text, signatures will not be pro-rata basis.

# Can be added to the photo shoot date for you?

Yes, Volume increase can also be added separately. The use of text labels, text labels in the text input at the right place, a menu will appear.

# Show why the interface is garbled?

Please download and consistent operating system language version of the light and magic hands.

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