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New feature on Iphoto - Mac photo editing software

* Built-in support for geotagging, so you can organize your photos and editing photos around where they were taken. Google Maps is also now built in to the application for displaying photo locations. GPS geotagging is supported by new digital cameras on the market as well as by a number of cameraphones including the iPhone 3G.  For photos taken by devices that don't support geotagging built-in, you can also add locations to your photos from within the application. You can browse photos by location using the same interface used in iTunes to browse album artwork or artists.iPhoto '09 will now take that data and show the latitude, longitude, and even place names like the Eiffel Tower example shown.

* Faces: with the addiction of face detection, you can more easily organize your photo library by the people in it. After identifying a person and inputting their name, iPhoto '09 will be able to identify them in the rest of your library.

* New slideshow themes: with the ability to save slideshows directly to iTunes as well as save as a video files for the iPhone or iPod touch.

* Facebook and Flickr support: photos you tag on Facebook or Flickr will send the tag data back to sync with iPhoto '09.

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New feature on Iphoto - Mac photo editing software