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Any one have or know a free program to change all that in the flower of the mountain, you can create a self-.

Do you know of a petrochemical company froma 1 000 small picture
I can think of to create a mosaic picture from many small images. This site, they have a chart, this type of software. All within the scope of freedom of the road $ $ $. I found that really useful feature comparison chart.

AutoImager: air, select a group of pictures, graphics and photo editing

Full-featured batch image, graphics and photo editing and conversion software, 140 + formats (jpg format, PDF format of the JPEG2000 standard, etc.). Completion of the operation and command line editing features of the Arsenal (batch size, flip, rotate, crop, decorative, etc.)

This is the most famous of which is free of the GIMP photo editing
This is the most famous of which is a free photo editor GIMP (, that is to say, image processing procedures, the representative of the GNU. This free sharing the first time developed a number of Berkeley students in 1996. Since then, volunteers continue to improve the writing. It can be for Unix / Linux platforms and Windows (98/2000/NT/XP) and the Mac operating system (OS X operating system). Analogy is more than one inspector for the GIMP in Photoshop CS2. It is a tool for manipulation of the image layer to increase the effects and filters and conversion tools, rotate, flip and scale images. And the expansion of a large number of plug-ins, so that almost all of the software more expensive procedures. The latest version is 2.2.8 of the GIMP, it is equipped with an electronic user's manual.

Cloning of the photo editing software

Sometimes, some things in a photograph, you do not think at the scene. These ads in the following picture in order to attract attention from two women who are the real theme.

We can edit the photos in many ways, but it looks natural, we will change the image of cloning in other parts of the photo using clone tool or rubber stamp. Cloning of the photos is not illegal ;-) There are several steps, the use of this tool. First of all, decide what you want to delete and what part of pictures you can copy the part you do not want to. In this case, we will take the white part of the wall as our starting point, to pay for advertising.

The first to use the zoom tool to enlarge the area, you can look forward to in order to determine whether it is close, it will be very optimistic when you narrow. Next select a rubber stamp or clone tool. Point to a white area, cloning, hold Alt key and click once. This sets the source, you will repeat. Look at the clone brush, select one of these, it is not too big, not too little, the best is "fuzzy" brush, it is necessary to avoid a sharp line. In order to ensure that a rubber-stamp option is set to 100%, so the new image will be completely hidden the old image.
Now slowly paid advertisements and white walls. You will have to reset the starting point for you to do so several times the area is large enough. In order to avoid coverage of anything, you do not need. More original material, in order to better look forward to. In the more distant starting point is the field of cloning, efforts will see the repeat mode. (This is a psychological feeling.) If you make mistakes, use the Edit / Undo menu item to withdraw or use your history window. Fantasy, you can even try to replicate the brick wall, but beware of those lines.

If you found any adverse transformation of the old and new materials, dirty tools can help you smooth problem areas.

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