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STOIK Picture Man is a graphics and photo editor for digital retouching and editing of your images. It provides a rich set of retouching and enhancement filters, built-in special effects, and painting capabilities with support for multi-layering, scripting, and automation via macros. Additional features include Channel processing (RGB,R,G,B,H,V,S), Web export tools, Deformation effects, support of pressure-sensitive tablets and much more. Unlike most graphics editors, Picture Man allows you to apply filters by using a brush instead of selections or global (but you can do that as well). The program includes an extensive array of filters and enhancements, as well as advanced calculators and some automatic tools to correct scratches, dust, noise, red eyes and other defects.

PhotoArtist lets you turn your photos into beautiful artworks. It offers a selection of painting styles that can be applied to your original image, using brushes of your choice. You can mix paint different paint styles and combine effects to create a custom work of art. Unlike with regular filters, PhotoArtist only applies the effect to the brushed area of the image (but can also apply it to the entire image), which enables you to easily blend the original image with the available filters.

Professor Franklin`s Instant Photo Artist enables you to transform your digital photos into stylish art, that can be used for greeting cards, calendars, web publishing or printing. Simply load the original images and use the generated outline as a base for your painting. The program offers a variety of painting techniques and tools (charcoal, watercolor, airbrush etc.), as well as pre-configured painting styles based on popular artists or publishing methods. You can apply the painting style by simply moving your mouse over the image areas and watch the image transform into digital art. Professor Franklin`s Instant Photo Artist can save your results in several image formats, and also supports high resolution printing.

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro is a Photoshop and compatible plug-in, that allows you to apply advanced curl and fold effects to your images. It provides full control over every aspect of the effect, with options to use 3D rotations and perspective distortions to the image, apply shadow and light conditions, texturize, transparency and much more. All changes can be previewed in real-time and the settings can be saved to quickly apply them to other images. AV Bros. Page Curl Pro leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to image curling.

Equation Illustrator V has been designed to ease the difficult task of combining graphics and complicated formatted text such as math equations in electronic and printed documents. A WYSIWYG interface which keeps automation to a minimum and allows you to put what you want where you want it. Formatted equation macros can be stored and retrieved with a cut and paste type interface. Selections can be sent to the Windows clipboard as Enhanced Metafiles and bitmaps or saved to file for use in www and other documents. Vector drawing functions are included from simple rectangles to regular polygons and Bezier curves. Some technology specific functions such as waves and pulses are also included. Equation Illustrator V is designed for people who know what they want and where they want it. (vector and picture (bmp,emf,jpg,gif) graphics support)

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