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Photo Impact and free photo frame

Photo Explorer love all-in-one graphics application

Love picture browser (free trial, the purchase of 40 U.S. dollars - of Windows) is a all-in-one graphics application to create, modify, upgrade and management of images (and multimedia files).
Simple frame
By EpcSoft
Easy photo frame is a tool, an increase of pictures can provide more than 300 beautiful frames and mask the impact of that can be used for photos. Easy photo frame, you can remove red-eye, ... more adjustments, crop, adjust color or rotate your photos to any angle. Another feature is the ability to purchase rotate, flip, gray, wave, shadow, blurred, camera, rounded corners, ceramic tile, mosaic, twist, edge detect effects to enhance your photos. Version 5.5 may include non-updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

"Preclick Photo Manager, a tool designed to change the number of megabytes of random photos on your hard drive quickly virtual shoebox, search albums, is becoming available as a free download. In 600K plans can be downloaded from Preclick. This is already in use a custom version of the site in a number of online photo-processing, including Adorama and dotPhoto. "

PhotoImpact Photo Editor

Does anyone here use Ulead PhotoImpact 11? I have no software to photoediting now, but I just ordered the program. I can not CS2, and I think that will not only make me more long-term thing, so I decided to try this. Anyone have any comments or experience?
It is surprising that the good of freedom GIMP. I use it all the time in Linux and Windows. This may be a less user-friendly than polystyrene, and fewer third-party plug-ins, but I think that is very similar to the core functions of polystyrene.

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Photo Impact and free photo frame

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