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FotoFusion::ScrapBook Essentials

FotoFusion::ScrapBook Essentials is the digital scrapbooking software tool of choice for the members of the dotScrap Alliance (an industry consortium composed of leading scrabooking brands including SEI, Daisy D's, K & Company, L'il Davis, KI Memories,,, Westrim, Autumn Leaves, DMD, and CliqueTV).

These companies prefer FotoFusion scrapbooking software because it offers a unique blend of creative power and ease of use - easy access to libraries online content - and great flexibility in output, whether to print, email, the web or regular graphics files.

Scrapbook Layouts

Digital scrapbooking offers so many advantages - quick cleanup, easy browsing for new content, presentation in flat albums, the ability to send your layouts to friends via email and the web, and your choice of working with premade or completely custom projects.

FotoFusion provides you with the tools you need to create terrific layouts, including artwork from leading scrapbooking companies who are working with LumaPix as part of the dotScrap Alliance; you will find all-digital as well as paper plus digital layouts (which help you complete paper projects using a computer). It's all good!

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Greetings and Occasions

FotoFusion is the ideal tool to assemble your own greeting card - pulling your images, text and graphical embellishments together into a single layout that can be shared by email, printed on your desktop printer, or published to a web page.

Browse templates from partners in the dotScrap Alliance, or build your own from scratch. Make your own gift tags and labels, custom wrapping paper, or share your trip photos with a custom-made postcard - FotoFusion helps you build content that will suprise yourself and your friends!

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Group Events

People love to receive keepsakes of the time they spend together. Be the person that delivers those memories!

Whether you are thinking of a sports team, a church group, a class or a family reunion - FotoFusion is exactly the right tool to capture the moment. Easily collect the images into a collage, add graphical embellishments, and label the time or place with your own text.

Print the results, share them by email, or publish them to a web site - and you'll make a lot of people happy!

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Family Trees

Preserve and share your family's history with FotoFusion. Old scanned photos become fresh new works of art in minutes.

Arrange your archive images into a family tree, and you have created a unique document to share with your entire family. Custom journaling to chronicle the lives of your loved ones and sophisticated graphical elements to add texture and character to your layouts complete the picture!

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Calendars & Life Moments

Let your distant loved ones share in your experiences. Send grandma the latest shots of the kids at their sports meet or recital in seconds. Pay tribute to the life of a special person in images and words. Create a photo journal of your own experiences to pass on to the next generation. If you have a memory to save and to share, FotoFusion will help you treat it with the care it deserves.

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More Ideas...!

FotoFusion's unique digital-meets-paper abilities will let you transform any craft project into something truly special. Shop your local scrapbook store to find specialty dotScrap ready projects. Puzzles, calendars, cd-covers, desktop screen savers, placemats, tshirt art... Create professional quality output to amaze your friends and family.

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