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Easily edit existing Graphic Styles

I wonder if there is a way to modify the Adobe Illustrator graphics style once it has been on the drawing board to create and use objects without having to create a new style and re-connect all the objects with a new style.

I use attributes of a Graphic Style. It is particularly useful for photo editing. This tutorial illustrates the before and after the Jeep, is to become a second-hand car dealers this month, features a special photo. The second graph to show that I have created a very favorable first impression.

You first need to do is click the style you want to edit the graphic style of the properties panel.You will find it helpful to two graphical style and appearance of the panel at the same time opening up.
Simply select from a list of properties and appearance of the panel edited. In this case, I clicked on the green fill color picker pop-up icon. Then, I chose blue. As you can see the following picture, the style in appearance preview panel at the top has been updated to reflect the new fill color.

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