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Convert Old Slides to Digital

The VuPoint explanation does to a handy new unit transforms the old slide movie negative to become by the digitized computer image. But some users reported that they have the company's FilmScanner serious issue.

the The seller, including in its website's Hammacher Schlemmer, makes the advertisement unit “to change the votary old 35mm slide movie negative to the digital image, allows you to preserve your memory easily, but does not need to depend upon the transformation service”. was that as it may the computer, the digital camera, the camera, the handset and the digital film projector makes the slide projector dinosaur photography world, before Where has been possible these tens of thousands, digital families and the travel slide and the negative goes? How and can they preserve?because they feel frail, the plastic tray may be difficult to open with the request is careful. They through slide in direction's FilmScanner, permission user duplication slide with button's pushing.

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