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Official Adobe Photoshop CS 3 trial version

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended is a film, video and multimedia professionals in the field, the use of 3D and animation of graphics and Web designers, as well as engineering and science professionals an ideal choice. A 3D image and composite it into 2D images. Easily edit video layers of animated graphics, so the time came to a halt. And the use of measurement, counting and visualization tools, exploration of your images.

CS3 the most shining star of more than Photoshop CS3. As Adobe's core products, Photoshop CS3 has always attracted the greatest attention, Adobe is also the end of last year released its beta version. Photoshop CS3 reasons to choose it would be perfect not only compatible with Vista, more importantly, dozens of exciting new features, such as support for the new widescreen display space, more than 20 sets of windows in a dock, the total area occupied by more small toolbar, multiple photos automatically generated panorama, flexible black-and-white conversion, easier to adjust the choice of tools, smart filter, and improve the disappearance of point features, better support for 32-bit HDR images, and so on and so on. In addition, Photoshop from the CS3 version of the first time divided into two, namely the conventional version of the standard 3D features and support Extended (extended) version.

1, Photoshop CS3 The biggest change is the tool into a scalable, single for long and short two-section.
2, tool box on the Quick Mask Mode and switch the screen mode switch method has changed.
3, the choice of tool kit options, a group of multi-selection mode, you can decide to choose their own group or a separate layer.
4, toolbox and more rapid selection tool for Quick Selection Tool, should be a shortcut version of a magic wand, you can not add any shortcut keys to the election, according to the same painting can go to choose the region, very magical. Of course, there are new options column, add, subtract optional three models, rapid selection of the image color difference will be very intuitive and fast.
5, the choice of tools are all included in the definition of the constituency to re-edge (Refine Edge) options, such as the definition of the edge radius, contrast, and so on eclosion, can shrink and expand constituencies. There are also a variety of display mode options, such as the Quick Mask Mode and Mask mode, very convenient. For example, you do a simple eclosion, can preview and adjust the value of the effect of different eclosion. Of course, the choice of menu commands familiar from eclosion from the stage of history.
6, transfer board can be reduced for the beautiful icon, a bit like a docker CorelDraw, or the panel as Flash contraction, but compared to the cooler, two-tier contract, I feel great!
7, more than a "cloning (copying) the source of" Palette, is a seal with the use of imitation, allowing the definition of a number of cloning source (sampling points), just like there are a number of cut-and-paste version of Word does. Other sources can be overlapping clones preview, sample specific coordinates, you can clone the source of the shift to zoom, rotate, mixed operations such as editing. Cloning can be a source for a layer, as well as two from top to bottom, as well as all the layers, which more than the previous version of a model.
8, the preview in Adobe Bridge can be used in a magnifying glass to enlarge the local image, and the magnifying glass can also be mobile, you can rotate. If you select several pictures at the same time, but also with the preview is really cool.
9, Adobe Bridge adds Acrobat Connect function, used to open the network meeting, formerly known as Macromedia down to the Breeze.
10, Bridge can see the Flash FLV video format, and the other Bridge to start feeling better faster than the two versions CS2 and CS should be faster, there is no sense of burden and "a sense of death."
11, in Bridge, select multiple photos, press Ctrl + G can be stacked more than one picture, of course, you can click to start at any time, this used to save space
12, added a new dialog box to create Web pages directly, video and mobile phones the size of the contents of the default. Banner of the website such as the commonly used sizes, such as the common cell phone and then the screen size and so on

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