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Do we need to sacrifice the clients software because of online photo editing

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Photoshop Express

As well as Splashup is that it is not as finished products like Adobe Photoshop Express, this is an online version of Photoshop Elements are familiar with. You will get the same basis as in the FotoFlexer - crop, rotate, red-eye removal, exposure correction, for example - but there is no layer support, or any more powerful editing and correction tools, Photoshop Elements. You will find some cool things like a fill light (This allows you to adjust the front to separate the background), filters, and image distortion. Like the desktop version of Photoshop, you can choose to change a few thumbnail the same result.


FotoFlexer show that you do not have to sacrifice all the photo editing features, you know that such a scheme from the Photoshop Elements using online photo editor. Once you upload photos of the site, you'll see a interface that looks like a simplified version of the photo editing process, the completion of automatic exposure correction, red-eye removal, and planting to control. However, a ton of extra stuff here, including the support layer - you can load multiple images and control the opacity of each layer, as in a commercial picture editor. The plan also included as the impact of the fuzzy edge, and gray-scale conversion of dark brown, and have the ability to "cartoonify" your photos. Even as the Photoshop curves tool to adjust exposure and full-screen mode, so you do not have to think your work in the Web browser.


Of all the Web tools I mention here, my favorite is Splashup. SplashUp the most traditional interface I've seen in an online picture editor, complete the top of the page with the menu bar of the whole left side of the toolbar is packed with all the common tools. Like FotoFlexer, which includes support for layers, so you can combine photos or fine-tuning your photos. Splashup even has its own file format, which retain the layer information, so you can open a project, and continue editing - just like software. You can load and edit photos from your computer or the popular photo-sharing sites such as Facebook, Flickr, after, Picasa in, and SmugMug.


Though it's not the most powerful option out there, I also like Picnik. You can use the simple, tabbed interface seize photos from your hard drive or photo-sharing site Flickr and so on, in, Facebook and MySpace. Basic knowledge of all here. You can rotate, crop, adjust, and adjust color and exposure. Corel paint shop like a professional version, red-eye removal tool to deal with humans and pets. Label is the creation of special effects filters, such as black and white, dark brown, color enhancement, and soft focus.

Do we need to sacrifice the clients software because of online photo editing?

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Do we need to sacrifice the clients software because of online photo editing