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Canon Photo Editing Software Home Edition

Canon Photo Editing Software Home Edition has both a Windows and Macintosh version. The system requirements are kept to minimum as it only requires 64MB. Just 50MB of HDD space is required.

Canon Photo Editing Software Advanced Edition is an easy-to-use photo-editing program that enables you to edit, retouch, enhance and add special effects to digital images with point-and-click simplicity. Plus, with Canon's Photo Fantasies, Photo Panoramas, Photo Montages and Video 1.0 your creative possibilities are limitless. The software features an easy to understand graphical user interface that gets you productive in no time. Powerful editing and retouching tools provide a total digital image-editing solution. Frames, edges, brushes and shapes let you add an artistic touch to your images. A dynamic image layer feature enables you to work on one specific image layer at a time without affecting the whole image. It can acquire images from digital cameras and scanners and other TWAIN-compliant devices.

Canon Photo Gold takes your photos to an even higher level of fun and creativity. If you currently have the Canon Photo software and would like to upgrade to Canon Photo Gold, you can do so for only $19.99 (plus tax). Canon Photo Gold's Spin Panorama lets you create a panorama movie or a super-wide angle panoramic still using those images in four easy steps. Using Canon Photo Gold's Spin PhotoObject, you can create an amazing animated movie of any object - again in just four steps. Best of all, Canon Photo Gold lets you share your creativity by posting these exciting projects to your Web site using Canon Web Publisher.

Fixing a picture means improving the quality of that picture by adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, color saturation or any combination of the above. Canon Photo Editing Software offers three ways to fix a picture: QuickFix is a completely automated process that analyzes the picture and quickly adjusts it to be brighter with more contrast. SmartPix allows you to provide information about a picture and then directs Canon Photo to apply enhancements based on your descriptions. You describe such criteria as: the particular camera or scanner used to capture the image; whether the photo was taken indoor or outdoors; the lighting conditions that existed when the picture was taken. Fix by Example allows you to see multiple representations of a single picture with different levels of brightness, richness, color and/or sharpness, side-by-side. You simply choose the representation that most closely matches the fix you have in mind.

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