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Photo editing software Photo-Bonny Evaluation Trial -2

Page 2: photo editing

     The reflection of a sense of software interface design. There are many styles Datoutie frame to show support for the user when setting the size of their own, as long as the pull rod, you can modify the display ratio. Click and drag the frame directly supported.

Add a small icon fashionable

Any photos can be based on user preferences, the direct use of the images in the main frame to frame to live, any proportion of the crop to achieve. Datoutie frame can also enlarge, and support to reduce drag and drop:

A wide range of choices can create images of various styles
Color user-defined interface
Page 3: Photo Show feature

Photo-Bonny piece rod features pictures of the view

     View photos at the same time, the software shows the right side of the direct photo EXIF information, the information shows that under the professional image histogram, users can immediately access all the current photos photography information, this is a very convenient design.

     Users can comment each photo to the stars, plus the title, plus Note that all the newly added information, together with the EXIF information saved for each view can be seen for future screening and management of photos.

Better highlight

     WindowsXP and WindowsVista the built-in picture viewer, the picture of the rotation, the use is: first decoding and then encoding → → rotating manner, so in the JPG format, the quality of the picture is damaged, resulting in a document bytes significant change in size. Photo-Bonny rod and film editing software plug-in photo view to solve the obvious problem, the direct use of shooting direction information to identify the images to see the current photos do not have artificial rotation, directly into the right picture shows the direction of photos without any loss of quality. Even in the Photo-Bonny Stick the plug in the chip, the use of manual rotation, the image is also the direction of rotation, rather than rotating the document image data information, photos would not have caused damage to the image information. This design, specifically for professional users of digital image quality of the stringent requirements.

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