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Nikon Capture 4.4

Digital camera and computer combination of new features, so that computer software in the role of photography in the growing number of photos can easily repair defects, and software applications so that we can easily reach a variety of special effects, the creativity of our to the limit.

Nikon's Capture software for Nikon cameras have always been good support for RAW files is known, but people have trouble running the other man-machine interface is not very friendly. Nikon recently introduced a version of Capture NX has already made many improvements, and give us the feeling of an entirely new look, following on the experience bar.

Real high light repair

Very often, we face the dynamic range of scenes, has exceeded the capacity of the hands of the camera's resolution, resulting in some photos have been exposed, in part due to exposure. Especially in the use of ultra-wide-angle lens, the photo at the same time, there were easily exposed and less exposed. At this point, we can see the advantages of RAW files. We can use Capture NX, for the exposure of the image does not accurately be modified.

The chart used Nikon D2x, Sigma 10-20mm lens photography, aperture f/11, exposure time 1 / 125 seconds, of course, but also the use of RAW format shooting.

Obviously, although the composition of this map well, but the color of the sky too bright,
The main target of the shooting - dog - is a bit less than the exposure

Open the file using Capture NX. First of all, will be set to Tone Compensation "Low", and then the resumption of high clouds in the sky light. Select Base Adjustments -> RAW Adjustments -> Exposure Compensation, is set to -1 EV, received the following results:

Out the effect of clouds, but other parts of the darker

Add two Color Control Points (color control point), a blue sky, a green lawn. After the adjustment radius, covering the relevant region, and to increase the brightness control points, the following diagram:

At this point the effects of sky and grass are all very good. However, the main dog is still less than the brightness. We have no dog in the previous step to add a control point, but add a control point for the individual.

Now, the image is quite good. Finally, adjust color and curves, the final result:

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