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How to Tell If A JPG Image was Photoshopped or not

Many people want to find out if a JPG file has been modified by Photoshop or not, you may use a software tool to identify it's manipulated or not.

Yu will not be able to tell if Suzy added a border to the image after the shot was taken if it was modified any more than that. if you are trying to tell if Suzy O’s picture is legit you can use JpegSnoop to see if the picture has been altered or it is still in its original form (when it was taken by a digital camera).

Download the 532KB zip file containing the 1.3MB executable file from the author’s home page, Impulse Adventure.

Use the tool and it can analyze the JPG file and give out the necessary information about the JPG file and easily find out the image has been manipulated or not. Some people like original photos other than a image composed by a image editing tool. If you are the one, you may try it.

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How to Tell If A JPG Image was Photoshopped or not

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