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Introduce 32 photo editing software -1

Faithful color and no one probably do not know name of Photoshop, in order to get good photos of post-processing is essential. But Photoshop is not a panacea, particularly since the occupation of its resources are very large, then there is no other choice, the answer is yes. Now we come to tell you about commonly used image processing software.

1. Name: ExifShow View EXIF digital photo information
Size: 303K
DC enthusiasts for example, in a beautiful view digital photos, it will definitely want to know the authors of the camera used, exposure value, the value of parameters such as focal length, the general practice is to download digital photos to come back, and then use software such as ACDSee Show EXIF information, download or save as a result of the process is essential, so a bit of trouble a number of operations. ExifShow installed plug-in, since when we are in IE when viewing digital photos, just click the right mouse button, the shortcut menu will appear, "View EXIF information" option, you can view immediately. List Department in the information click the right mouse button, you can select to copy the EXIF information to the clipboard or saved as a text file. If there are some digital photos show "the picture there is no EXIF information" that may be through some form of treatment resulted in the EXIF data is missing or does not support the use of digital camera EXIF photos.
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2. Software name: ACDsee 7 version in simplified Chinese culture
Size: 24M
ACDSee is the most popular digital image processing software, it is widely used in image acquisition, management, browse, optimize and even sharing with others! Use ACDSee, you can be from digital cameras and scanners and efficient access to pictures, and easy to find, organize, and preview. More than 50 kinds of commonly used multimedia formats have been a clean sweep! The plug as the most heavy-weight, it can fast, high-quality display your pictures, together with built-in audio player, we can enjoy it the best player out of the slide. Acdsee also like to deal with such as the commonly used Mpeg video files. In addition ACDSee is your best picture editing tools handy, easy to deal with the digital image, with red-eye removal, as the function, shear images, sharpening, relief effects, exposure adjustment, rotation, mirroring, etc., but also to carry out batch processing Oh!
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3 Name: True Photo 4.1 Chinese official version
Size: 4.96M
Turbo Photo is a digital image for the background, a digital camera for general users and the design of quasi-professional users a set of picture management, browsing, processing, output of a domestic software systems. If you have a digital camera, Turbo Photo can be associated with the vast majority of the work of your digital camera to become the best partner.
Automatically adjust photos, beauty, and print interpolation, noise removal, batch processing, browsing and management .... these are ordinary digital camera users are most concerned about the function, in the past, you may need to download the software 3-5 the above functions, respectively, and now you only need to get all the Turbo Photo. Do not think that software is not integrated with the professional, the effect would look very bad. Turbo Photo used in the design of the original first-class image processing technology, making the net effect of these applications are not inferior to any single software, or even beyond, for example, she is a world's first automatic skin detection, identification and automatic processing technology landscape software, can be reached within 1 minute of the effect of the number of beauty; leading in almost all the same software (such as PhotoShop) image interpolation technology allows you to export 1.3 million pixel camera A4 format; integrated technology can effectively remove noise photoreceptor noise and color spots. Is also the first issue-oriented 'photos out-patient' can easily solve the shortcomings of photographs, Komatsu blog - brings together articles quality photos will be adjusted to your exposure with the best Color ... ... At the same time, Turbo Photo a simple user interface, a large number of the wizard, allowing you to use at the first time can be easily handcuffed. Is really stupid software.
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4 Name: MiYa partner 1.1 digital photo frame
Size: 2.27M
Digital photo frame MiYa partner (DPFramer) is a free add borders to photos of the software, which fully utilize the online resources off-the-shelf frame, providing a total of more than 200 types of border effects (the future can be very easy to expand to more ), and made available to users a more convenient operating environment, users can frame their favorite effect is set to "My Favorites" (you can set more), can be modified to the effect of the border for their own name and so on, the package included a lot of border effects.
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5 Name: Light Magic v0.14
Size: 499K
This is a User prepared][Shakado a very small but very useful feature of image processing software, with the following basic functions and features:
Positive effect: the effect of reversal film simulation, so that a more clear picture contrast, color is more beautiful
Negative feature red: Analog red reverse the negative effect of bizarre and strange color
Black and white: black and white film a wide range of simulation results, in contrast, comparison, and digital photos a completely different
Digital Fill Light: The lack of exposure to the latter part of the fill light, easy-to-use, intelligent, natural transition
One of key White Balance: Amendments to the color deviation of digital photos, to restore the natural color, you can manually fine-tuning - not the photos are not allowed to transfer
Fade with the old: the effect of copying the old photos, color dark, nostalgic mood
Negative effect: Simulation of the high negative tolerance, increased tolerance photo
Wanxia rendering: for the sky, light Class Wanxia Zhaoxia larger photos span have special effects, colorful, natural transition
Night noise suppression: The night, a large area of the photo to dark noise suppression processing, denoising results are obvious, and do not affect the sharpness
Dead patch: to have a dead CCD camera, after a set, you can repair it all the photographs taken on the dead point, a very convenient and effective
All effects processing, the user can adjust parameters to obtain satisfactory results
Auto Exposure: intelligent adjustment of exposure of the scope of photos, so enjoy the photos more to meet the visual
Auto White Balance: White balance smart calibration inaccurate color photos
Other adjustments include: sharpening, fuzzy, brightness, contrast, gamma adjustment, to color, RGB color adjustment, etc.
Other operations include: zoom, rotate, cut
Make it easy to create a variety of photo frame, such as film-style, white-edge style, etc.
Limited time to operate unlimited undo and redo operations
EXIF information is not damaged
Green, free software, do not need to install downloaded directly run
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6 Name: noise reduction software NeatImage4.0 (Chinese Version)
Size: 1.96M
NeatImage is a powerful professional image noise reduction software, suitable for handling the following 1600 × 1200 images, is very suitable for handling a large amount of exposure and lack of noise in digital photos, as far as possible to minimize interference with the outside world on the photo. NeatImage the use of very simple, concise and understandable interface. Noise reduction process is divided into four major steps: Open the input image, analyze the image noise, noise parameters set, the output image. Output image can be saved as TIF, JPEG or BMP format.
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7 Name: Ulead COOL 360v1.0 Panorama Software
Size: 6.64M
360-degree panoramic images and wide-angle view of the new shock Ulead COOL 360 to provide you with a powerful image stitching function, do not need expensive professional wide-angle lens or camera, just three simple steps, as soon as the level of shooting photos of a few links into integrity of the wide-angle images, or 360-degree panoramic field of vision of virtual reality images. Komatsu blog - quality articles together a complete portfolio of three-step panoramic image: 1. Speedy access to Photo: You can go directly through the scanner or digital camera to obtain several consecutive images, COOL 360 built as many as 90 kinds of camera settings for you automatically align the images, mixed functions or deformation. 2. Perfect image stitching: easy-to-understand operating environment allows you to align the image to see the location of each photo, you can fine-tune the color of each photo, brightness, contrast and perspective, so that the image is more perfect combination of inter - . 3. A variety of output options: COOL 360 commonly used to provide output image file, MOV video files, as well as the virtual reality of UVR document, you can also print images directly, or exported into the implementation of document, by e-mail to share with friends, more can be made into a virtual reality website.
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8 Name: digital partner
Size: 2.25M
I believe you must have a lot of on-hand digital camera photos from your camera, then you noticed that most digital cameras do not add a date for the digital photo functions? Are you still using PhotoShop software manual file for a file to add the date of this photo? I am afraid that some old photographs of photographs of specific dates can not remember exactly what you own now? Companion software to allow digital photos to help you now!
In fact, when a digital camera in the camera image is automatically generated by the timing of the recording to the file to the (also including the shutter speed, aperture size, etc., the records referred to as Exif information, we often use ACDSee software can view the message ), the use of these records, digital photo software companion time will be automatically added to the photo camera images, and you can also choose to add fonts, colors, size, proportion, the proportion of pitch, notes and so on. Digital photo software, can be a partner directory, multi-selection of papers into a batch photo files, support for digital camera image compression format. JPG files and non-compressed format. TIF files. In addition, if you like, you can also use this software. BMP,. GIF,. PNG file to add the date you specify. Digital photo software companion simple, easy-to-use batch processing, only one button to complete all your digital photo files to add the date of the work. Digital photo software with the English version of a partner, if you are using non-English Windows system can also help you fulfilled. Digital photo software companion software is green, not to the registry, any information into the system directory.
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9 Name: PhotoCap142 photo processing
Size: 871K
1. Batches will be marked with the date of photos, text, coupled with features such as frame
2. Can batch change the photo file name
3. Can change the batch size photos, auto level, to noise, sharpening and other image features
4. Can play full-screen from time to time, players can also order pre-order
5. Each photo can have independent settings for you to do project management
7. A simple image processing to facilitate you to do basic adjustments and special effects
8. Have the ability to bulk edit according to facilitate you create 1-inch or 2 inches according to the bulk
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10 Name: the production of documents with the software
Size: 3.84m
The production of documents, photos, a software is very convenient to use.
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