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Image editing software is a blog and website owners for the necessary means. Even if you use a picture only occasionally you have to edit it, resize, or add some visual effects. Second, you probably also need to adjust your site design, creating a logo and so on.

For the image-editing application, the inevitable choice is Adobe's Photoshop. The Photoshop has a very intuitive user interface, it is with all the advanced features, you will not need to. Unfortunately, Photoshop is very expensive. You will need to spend about 500 to seize the original copy of the Bucks.

If you want to save money (I do not blame you here) has some good open source solutions. The first is the so-called GIMP, it is a just a big flaw, the user interface, a powerful image editor. The GIMP may provide, such as Photoshop, the only problem is that many resources, you will need to spend a lot of time to fully understand the location of these resources and how to use them.

The second method is the so-called GIMPShop, this is an open-source GIMP image editor based. The main difference is that GIMPShop a more friendly user interface to adapt to the use of people who work with Photoshop.

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Grab an image editing software