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Image Editing Software FEATURES

* Highly developed painting tools including brushes that simulatenatural media
* An advanced pen tool for precision drawing
* Industry-standard palette and color picker
* Toolbar and toolbox that you can according to their preferences
* Preference settings, including custom toolbar / switch toolbox, the default location of the picture, and many other
* Polymorphic Selector
* Deselect the option to
* Load and save custom options
* Image cropping
* 48 built-in image filters
* User-defined filters
* Common image file support, including BMP, GIF, JPG format, DIB's.
* Create a new image of the proposed standard size
* Hot keys and menu controls, Undo and Redo
* Copy to clipboard function
* To change the direction of flight on canvas
* Custom stack support for ant-degree image rotation
* Quick and Custom canvas size change
* Custom image size change
* Fast color options
* Application of custom palette

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Image Editing Software FEATURES

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