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Picnik Makes it Easy to Tweet Your Photos

The best is one where the online photo editing, Picnik, the increase in the selection of call and from its user interface, and your photos directly.

To do this, you must click Save and share in Picnik option (Picnik's) and choose Twitter's (Twitter). In addition to chirp the image, you can also become your Twitter background, or set as your profile picture it.

For this feature, Picnik's has Twitgoo (Twitgoo) in, Photobucket (PhotoBucket on) photo hosting service Twitter users. This is a nice addition to their considerable range of functions, if it has been for some time, because the last time you tried Picnik, you should check again. They increased by almost anything, including Flickr (for Flickr) of, Wetpaint, and Facebook (Facebook) integration, the new editing and image quality you want a bunch of options from the online image editor.

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Picnik Makes it Easy to Tweet Your Photos

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