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CuStickam ?C Stickam Profile Editor

There are some bad news, Stickam earlier this month: Let MySpace blockade. The latest news is very bright: a CuStickam, official documents of Stickam users a new version of the editor, yesterday has just been launched. While it is not Stickam staff development, and they have accepted through the provision from the "Edit your profile" page link services.

Once you have registered an account, enter your Stickam username, you can edit the background color, background image, table layout, fonts, colors, and so on. When you do, you can preview it, and seize the code and paste it into the "life" your Stickam profile page part of the. You can save up to 20 sites on the layout, as well as their work is developing a system (similar to the layout of MySpace's API), allow you to enter a user name and password automatically inserted code. All the Save layout appears in the library for others to use their own.

It is not only a great Stickam is to make users more freedom to customize, but it's commendable advised them to external service users. This is the opposite strategy to MySpace, who not only prevents the Stickam (perhaps because of sex exist?), But also shows their intention to create plug-ins popular competitors such as the risk of YouTube entries. Another recent trend: If Boh3m3 the popular YouTube users to start using Stickam hosted real-time chat with the audience - this may be a great role in promoting the service, has begun to get some traction.

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CuStickam ?C Stickam Profile Editor

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