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Basics of image editing

Raster images are stored in a picture element, or pixel grid form of a computer. These pixels contain the image color and brightness information. Pixel image editor can be changed in order to enhance the image in many ways. Pixel can change a group, or individually, through the image editor within the complicated algorithms. This field is mainly graphics Zhiwei map editor, it is often used to change the photos and other raster graphics. However, the vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape that are used to create and modify vector images, which is a line describing storage, Bézier spline and text instead of pixels. It is easy to raster vector graphics, rather than the vector raster image, how to vector raster image, a great deal of research in the field of computer vision focus. Vector images can be more easily modified, because they contain easy-to-shape described in the rearrangement. They can also scalable, in any resolution rasterizable.

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Basics of image editing

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