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5DFly Photo design - photo editing software review

Windows Scoring

   Software Installation:  1 of 3
   Photo editing Program interface: 3   of 3
   Unique features: 3  of 3
   Learning curve and accessibility: 3  of 3
   Photo Design Functionality: 3  of 3
   Direct comparison: 3  of 3
   Uninstall process: 2   of 3
Help, documentation and support:
   Documentation and help about Photo design:  7 of 7
   Tips on startup:  0 of 2
   Customer support: 3  of 5
Program enhancements:
   File size: 3  of 3
   Author home page:  3 of 3
   Keyboard shortcuts:  0 of 1
   Step-by-step configuration wizards: 1  of 1
   Microsoft certification:0   of 1
Overall evaluation:
   Cost vs. Value:  3 of 3
   Reviewer's recommendation: 3  of 3
   Reviewer's overall impression: 4  of 5

Score = 45 of 5DFly Photo Design  Congratulations!

27 to 33 points = 3-cow rating
34 to 37 points = 4-cow rating
38 or more points = 5-cow rating

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