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Tiff to PDF (tiff2pdf) v3.3 Intro

The TIFF to PDF, tif to PDF, converted to PDF format, TIFF, PDF to TIFF format, the TIFF image is converted to PDF format batch conversion tool (of TIFF to PDF, tif to PDF, tiff2pdf, tif2pdf), can be TIFF files ( including multi-page images) into PDF format. It is a stand-alone GUI program, rather than an Acrobat (R) plug-ins. This easy-to-use software, users can be combined into a pdf file TIFF file. As long as you scanned TIFF files and run a large number of TIFF to PDF.
Excellent compression factor of G4 encoding. More powerful handling of TIFF files. This is a new software programs and utilities convert TIFF files (black and white, color) to very high PDF in a impressive speed and excellent performance of the quality of compressed files. It allows you to convert selected files or entire folders. It allows you to set the security settings, the generated PDF files, and documentation and the page sequence.
It can automatically skew the correct B / through the use of special techniques to ensure high-quality black and white images of the converted output. If your application does not require optical character recognition, TIFF files to PDF format provides a very convenient and simple way to write web can then be sent to e-books.
You can scan paper documents directly to image file, and then converted to PDF using the TIFF file to PDF format. The TIFF to PDF is ideal for high-volume document archive / database systems that require unattended batch image conversions TIFF to PDF format. The TIFF to PDF format can also be combined and split single and multi-page TIFF image files to PDF.

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Tiff to PDF (tiff2pdf) v3.3 Intro

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