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Using the photo editing software

There are so many photo editing software and photo management tools. It's very difficult to evaluate all of them and choose which one is best suitable for you to enhance your photos.

Below is some software I recommend.

For non-professional image users,

1. Acdsee to manage your photos and editing your photos. Acdsee is a photo tool, which has been developed for over 15 years and it contains lots of image editing features. But most of its functions have been included in Microsoft windows and in mose cases, you don't need to buy it. You may use Picasa photo management and editing software instead.

2. 5DFly photo design to design photos by using its lots of continually well-designed photo templates. Its automatic photo design robot is the most wonderful feature for all people without Photoshop photo editing skill to design professional pictures easily.

3. Microsoft Photo story to create electronic photo album easily. It's a free photo album software, which helps to generae photo video in a very effective way and much better than windows movie maker.

For professional

Using Acdsee to manage your photos and images with different image formats like gif, psd, jpg, tif etc and use photoshop to deisgn professional photos.

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