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Editing a photo or image

In the Select picture (screw) you want to add to your AOL e-mail E - mail is a typical one-one communication system. With the AOL screen name, you can e-mail with other AOL and Internet users e-mail. , AOL Instant Messenger Service, Member Profile pages, or AOL JournalSM feature, you can enhance, repair, and is prepared to make use of existing editing tools, your choice. You can only edit images one at a time.

To edit a picture
1. Either use the checkboxes to select the picture, and then click Edit Picture, or double-click the picture. This will open the Edit Picture screen.
2. If necessary, click Undo, Cancel to reverse order, each person to change your your photos.
3. Click the Undo All to cancel all editing operations.
4. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save to overwrite your pictures, or save a copy of the file saved to a new modified version.
5. Click Close to exit the Edit Picture screen.

* Undo command will restore all of the images or part of its last saved version. It can not withdraw any of them have been saved, or any file name is changed.
* Undo command will be bleak if action can not be undone, or have no more undo operations.
* If you choose Save As to copy, your original image will not change.

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Editing a photo or image