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ImageWizard - Image Editor

ImageWizard V 5.0 - image editor, you can now easily edit images offline, with our new ImageWizard software, it has never been so simple. Easy mirror, flip, rotate, resize, crop, add text, offset, etc., you can also add filters to reduce, darken, and add more or less contrast, combined with images and more. Easily select twaint compatible devices, such as digital cameras, scanners, image. Easy to capture screenshots, as well as. Print preview and print image features. * Load, save, display, transform the image below. BMP and JPEG, Papua New Guinea, TIFF, etc. MNG use, insurance companies, PCX, TGA, WMF of the
, WBMP, JBG * TWAINT compatible (can be from any TWAIN scanner) * Print / Print Preview support. * Mirror, flip, negative, rotate, resize, skew, increase / decrease in bpp (bits per pixel). * Supports the following filters. Fast Fourier Transform, threshold, color-based, gamma, variable light, darken, contrast, many linear / non-linear * for JPEG compression settings. * Reduce / enlarge, full-screen display, histogram, color palette. * Capture screenshot

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