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PikiFX Launches Neat Online Photo Editor

From the Comeeko manufacturer (now renamed as Pikistrips) and PikiPimp to PikiFX, a new web site editing and adding special effects to your photos.

Among other features, you can adjust, crop, and a variety of options to add borders to your images. More importantly, you can add effects of the masses, add text to your image, instantly publish to social networks and blog using the embed code. You can also download or sent via email.

However, despite the feature-rich, I do not see PikiFX as their other products with the same success. Other tools they provide are useful exactly the opposite, on the contrary, they are MySpace's fun (MySpace's) crowd: PikiFX personalized targeting small toys: Who wants a good image editor, and is prepared to accept the editors disadvantages online photos.

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PikiFX Launches Neat Online Photo Editor

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