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Wizard brush photo paint

Brush series Wizardbrush Wizard software has a function of the various painting tools for excellence, not only can create the same as conventional painting works, the most useful is that we can produce can not be achieved under conventional works, such as oil painting and watercolor at the same time the use of the skills, to achieve transparency in the oil painting techniques. Can be due to Undo, and can use the eraser to create a more user-friendly Chinese painting, Chinese painting needs a complete change in the creative approach at one go. Excellent soft-product requirements of their demanding almost never grandiose, where we reflected in the details of your service: a unique style of the user interface is easy to operate, the first fluid, such as smooth natural lines of the painting, pressure sensors on the drawing board, stereo cards, scanners, digital cameras and other equipment, excellent support, allows you to fully enjoy the fun of modern painting.

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Wizard brush photo paint