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Use Picasa to view your pictures

Picasa (the production of non-mainstream pictures photo software) to create: a fun, unique and creative ways to enjoy your pictures - this is the highest realm of photography!

     * Your photos into a movie.
       The use of photographs, a film crew were very simple. Choose your most satisfying pictures, and then adjust the delay time, size, and video compression settings. Finished! Picasa will start to play up the film to the end of the title picture, and then you can play and share videos and the.
     * Production of individual non-mainstream desktop picture or screen saver.
       Now, start showing you the best non-mainstream pictures. A selection of your favorite photos as desktop background, or add a few non-mainstream pictures as a screen saver rotation. . On the desktop to display your photographic genius, there is a better way?
     * Non-mainstream picture production of posters.
       Picasa (non-mainstream picture production) tile of your choice can be non-mainstream pictures, allows you to print every part of the poster, and then re-size posters will be in accordance with their splicing into posters, the maximum size of up to 10 times the original picture.
     * Make picture collages.
       Select a group of pictures, select one of these beautiful templates, Picasa (photo images of non-mainstream software) will be extended to create a picture collage of your imagination. Stack picture. The production of multi-exposure images. Create a contact sheet printing. Well? Collage simply save to a folder, it can be used as a new desktop background or screen saver has.

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Use Picasa to edit your pictures

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