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Two Easily Graphic Editors

1.Photo Pos Lite photo editor
Photo Pos Lite Photo Editor: Photo Pos Lite (Image editing software) is a free, award winning photo editing, photo thin version of the professional rank. Photo Pos Lite Photo Editor Photo Pos Pro includes the tools and a lot of functions.
Although the photographs Rank Rank Pro Lite contains only images it is still equipped with a powerful image editor in the computer graphics part of it. Use Lite version, you can edit and enhance your pictures and easy to use. You can edit and optimize your pictures, print, adjust its size, convert it to another format, and so on. The editor also includes some large living room to create computer graphics and drawing tools.

2.Photo Pos Pro photo editor
Photo Pos Pro is a Photo Editor and Image Editor (Photo editing and image editing software). The software allows users to easily edit, enhance, create, print and process digital photos and graphics to easily create stunning graphics. Although the purchasing power parity Photo Editor is a powerful program, it contains a very friendly user interface allows users to intuitively. PPP includes complete help system that can be used step by step tutorials and made hundreds of photo frames, patterns, materials, styles and shapes - all to speed up your work to make it fun and easy. The software supports many image file types, transparent GIF and, editing and computer graphics, PNG, multi-image printing, labeling the work area, advanced to strengthen, in particular the impact; layers, masks, script and batch tools, a batch processing converter and Web development tools.

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