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Turbo Photo digital photo editing 6.3

Turbo Photo is a digital photography as the background, a digital camera for general users and the design of quasi-professional users a set of picture management, browsing, editing and output for an enhanced home-made software systems. She can complete the majority of digital photography-related post-work, to expand digital photography creative means in order to deepen the application of digital cameras, to your life fun and give your work more convenient.

Photos automatically adjust and improve the quality of photos, skin beauty, interpolation, print, remove noise, batch processing, browsing and management .... These are common digital camera features users are most concerned about the past, you may need 3-5 months photo editing software to complete the function, respectively, and now you only need to have all of Turbo Photo can be easily done. Do not think that software is not integrated with the professional, the photo effect would look very bad. Turbo Photo used in the design of the original first-class image editing technology, making the net effect of these applications are not inferior to any single software, or even beyond, for example, she is the world's first automatic identification and beautification of the skin in conjunction with with the automatic-processing software, you can reach the number one minutes the effect of beauty; integrated technology can effectively remove noise sensitive noise and color spots; Similarly, the first issue-oriented 'photos out-patient' can be easily resolved photographs of a variety of shortcomings and flaws, automatic / semi-automatic adjustment of your photos to the best exposure and color; innovative HSB curve adjustment, master tone and other functions from a new angle for you to provide the creative potential; a large number of expansion of the borders, color schemes, such as effects plug-ins (1) love to play to help you design a personal style of work ... a simple user interface, a large number of the wizard, allowing you to use at the first start time will be able to easily really a simple operation and professional results, make your digital camera more fun to play together.

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Turbo Photo digital photo editing 6.3