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New Tricks for Online Photo Editing

These are the prosperous days of online photo editing site. The majority of Internet connections, so that they relatively quickly upload pictures and Flash programming language, many editing application running with advanced point, developers can use it to implement the techniques previously only in expensive photo editing software Photoshop .
Cut out: the highest image upload Rsizr, the new Web-based image editing software, allowing users to adjust their photos are not distorted. At the bottom of the image is due to the elimination of certain pixels to narrow, while maintaining the image details.
Credit: Rsizr
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Now, the site known as Rsizr (pronounced "zoom"), an increase of a feature, not even in the latest version of Photoshop: to reduce or enlarge images - horizontal and vertical - and the relatively small distortion. For example, Rsizr photos can be compressed, the students in the classroom, not by eliminating the expense of pixel resolution between the desks. Similarly, Rsizr can expand to fill the picture, that is to say, the entire computer screen, the additional pixels in some places.

Rsizr the algorithm is based on the original by Shai Agassi Avidan, senior research scientist at Adobe Systems, and Visiting Fellow at Shamir Ariel Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, in Cambridge, MA. In August this year, Avidan and Shamir published their photo editing skills, known as seam carving, the image at the annual meeting in San Diego. In addition, the researchers published a video on YouTube is described in this technology. The founder of Tsim Sha Tsui, only employees Rsizr, see the video, reading documents, and recognizing that Avidan and Shamir's algorithm can easily change the flash. Independence, Tsim Sha Tsui, the development of a coal seam carving flash-based program, an increase of some additional features, and designed an interface so that users can upload pictures and edit them in the Web browser. Rsizr launched by the end of September. Other online photo-editing site, such as the Ann Arbor laboratory FotoFlexer, and through the algorithm too. It can also be added to the Photoshop plug-ins.

Adobe's Avidan said that the coal seam carving is quite simple. For example, if a person would like to compress vertical picture of a pixel, the software will scan the image to find the best pixels to remove. This is usually a tortuous, vertical seam of the surrounding pixels left and right have a similar color. Pixel-wide seam to remove the object and image compression does not distort the image. What makes the algorithm both impressive is that it can find and remove these pixels quickly, so a person could be expanded and compressed picture quickly. Effective against the background of the photo process, such as the sky or the grass-roots level, there is one can change the color and pattern, Avidan explained that although the project faces poor people and more diverse natural landscape.

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