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IconCool Editor

IconCool Editor is a powerful icon editor to edit icons, cursors, and Web graphics. It provides for creating and editing all the insurance companies, curcumin, Ani, ICL, and the GIF, JPG, BMP, and EMF, the WMF, TGA and WBMP image files. In addition, it provides more than 50 images, including blur, sharpening, embossing, diffusion, color balance filters, ... as well as 20 image effects, including Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, Rectangular Gradient, Wave, three-dimensional shadow, three-dimensional button, text gradient effects, noise, and arbitrary rotation. IconCool Editor is also a smart image capturing tool can be used to capture from the desktop or any other software images of different sizes. You can convert the image format of 25 icons, you can extract the EXE, DLL, ICL's, OCX or any other document icon, and then modify or re-save them. In addition, it provides a 100 Undo / Redo function, support for non-standard icons sizes and so on. Now, it supports Vista icon editing and revision. A powerful icon maker, icon creator, small image editing and manufacturers, small graphics.

Therefore, Photobie 6 and later versions will be made public. The Photobie Design Studio, it is good or bad a package, which contains Photobie software, plus the pre-designed projects (photo templates, calendars, brush / mask / Texture / background image). Photobie Design Studio will only be available to Photobie Club members.

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