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Some Useful Graphic Editors

1. AVD Graphic Studio
A graphics, animation and video features a powerful editor. Edit, view and print the painting and drawing tools and image effects. Importing AVI files and GIF animation
Edit, save and load format parameters; AVI and export of separate GIF frames; adjust contrast; through any angle and rotating preview all the effects of a dialog box.
Free download software to connect - a kind of graphics, animation and video features a powerful editor. Edit, view and print images. Import Avis and editing animated GIF, AVI and export of separate GIF frames; create one. avi file a series of images

2.GraphicsGale 1.93.11 freeware
Edit raster image formats. You can retouch photos, painting, and so on. GraphicsGale yes ... allows you to edit the graphic image. Unlike most bitmap editors, GraphicsGale can make an animated image using the preview window. This function must be used to create animation or video game character.
This description of the image stored in the pixel structure of sets, where each pixel descriptions, such as intensity, color and other properties, a single image point. It is this type of environmental image with the most relevant to the invention.

3. SPX Graphic Editor
Index graphics editor is a basic image editor, mainly intended for simple editing or enhancing of existing graphics. It includes a standard set of image editing tools, as well as a variety of image filters. The software is mainly useful for the improvement of the screen capture, providing a wide range of filters specifically designed for this purpose, including the shadow options, spotlights and amplification, as well as an option to add text annotations. Although the software, mainly for enhanced screen capture useful, it does not include any screen capture functionality (such as most of the other graphics editor). The graphics software license is free trial software, is priced at $ 15.00, you can free download and get a free trial and then buy. If you want to get index of graphical editors in whole or in nolimited version, you can buy this graphic software.

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