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What's the best way to adjust a series of photos by photo editor

What's the best way to adjust a series of photos so that the contrast, brightness, etc settings will turn out the same across a whole series of photos?

I've got a series of photos that need color, contrast and brightness adjusting. The problem is that the photos were taken under a tree so the lightning was partly shady, partly bright and with different photos being shot at slightly different locations and positions I get hughly varying results when adjusting the photos individually. 

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I can help you with photoshop and photoshop elements if you're using one of those. I just doubt you'll be able to come up with one batch action that will satisfactorily How you manage this on the computer once the shot is taken depends on what program you're using. The Shadow/Highlight tool is a great one for extremes of contrast, like you're describing. change a group of different shots. I'd avoid the brightness/contrast functions if you're using a good editing program, as you can easily adjust brightness and contrast with functions that do less harm to your image than 'brightness/contrast' . With just one click you can add textballoons, thinkballoons, stressballoons, floating text, colors and insert other images.


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